The Unknown World RPG

Session 1

Falling skies!

When our adventurers got to the temple of Bei Miao, a woman stood waiting for them. She was dressed in elegant robes of the Marastria people and demanded that the heroes join her. She turned out to be a high Priestess and escorted then down a long corridor to a private chamber where Queen Abrielle lay dying. The queen begged them for help, explaining that her people are dying and those who are gifted with the abilities of air are finding themselves grounded. Even the winged Marastrians are finding themselves unable to take flight!

After some investigating, our heroes found out that the queen was new to the throne. breaking with tradition, she wasn't the blood child of the previous queen and was picked over all of the Queen's legitimate children to rule. They also discovered that only Marastrians seemed to be getting sick. The longer they talked, the weaker the queen became until they were asked to leave. A hasty detect magic spell from Tama te Ahi revealed that the priestesses are funneling their energies into the queen to keep her well enough to converse.

Afterwards, one of the priestesses gave each of them an official badge bearing the Royal seal and the crest of their individual homelands. These badges allowed them to freely wander any part of Marastria without challenge. After talking amongst themselves the party decided they should go question the legitimate heirs of Constance, the previous queen.

While finding an airship to take them to The Celestial Palace, they came across a ship called The Sebastian and discovered their crew didn't recognize Abrielle as the rightful ruler of Marastria and became involved in a brief brawl. Meanwhile, Nomi Alexander stumbled across the bubble frogs while searching for an alternate ride. Bubble frogs, it turned out, were magical giant frogs who could create giant bubbles that could safely transport occupants through the air.

She spoke to the owner, Mr. Twinkle, and explained their situation. He was overjoyed to help the party out. He gave her a certified letter allowing free use of any bubble frog location in the Unknown World.

After arriving in the Capitol, Mr. Twinkle led them to the Palace where they were granted an audience with the Royal heirs. Sancti Bellator had a vision of The Empress of The Unknown World who told her that the Spirit Trees of Marastria were dying due to a shame that befell the Mystia household. She told Bellator to travel to the Royal archives of The Great Library of Moria and speak to So'va, the master librarian, to get the answers they sought.

The first lady Octavya summoned her personal dragon, Ragnoth to transport them to the Library. After Ragnath unceremoniously dumped then at the gates, they made their way inside, passing ancient tapestries and paintings in the grand entry hall. Sancti Bellator stopped to bow at a painting of the Morian Imperial Family when Tama noticed there was something off about it. After casting Zone of Truth, they saw a previously invisible woman fade into the painting.

After puzzling over the identity of the mystery woman for awhile, they decided to continue on into the archives in search of answers. Using the library's Catalog podium, they recall several books and wind up with "Conspiracies of the Mystria Family". After getting information from the book, including the name of the mystery woman, Anna, they sought out So'va, an elderly woman who was cataloging books near the back of the Archives. She told them of a blight against the Royal house. Tama asked if that blight is Anna and So'va became incredibly upset and asked them to leave. Exhausted, and unsure where to look next, they made their way to the Library's dormitories and quickly fell into the deepest of sleeps.



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